Start off your day with your daily routine. Daily routines should consist of the same things everyday. See what I mentioned in my first lesson plan. Talk to your child about scarecrows. Talk about how scarecrows are used for scaring away the birds from eating foods from a farm.

Visual Arts: Scarecrow Craft. You will need, large paper plate, tan tissue paper or tan construction paper, brown/yellow/orange/white construction paper, and glue. First have your child rip the tan tissue paper (if your child is older help them to use scissors to cut the tan tissue paper). Then put glue all over the paper plate, have your child cover it completely with the tissue paper. While your child is putting the tissue paper on the plate, cut out a hat, eyes, nose, mouth, etc out of the construction paper. Trace your child’s hands this will be used for the scarecrows hair. When your done glue the hat, eyes, nose, and mouth onto the scarecrow.

Math: Fall Pumpkin Tracing. You will need small pumpkins, white paper, and markers. Have your child trace the pumpkin, more then once on the paper. Have them talk about the shape and color of the pumpkin.

Science: Pumpkin Play dough Recipe. You will need 1 can of pumpkin puree (15 oz), 1 box of corn starch (16 oz), pumpkin seeds, and stencils. First have your child help you mix together the pumpkin puree and corn starch in a bowel. Mix together the ingredients until they are mixed really well to the consistency of play dough. You might need to add water, and if you would like to add pumpkin spice and pumpkin seeds in the recipe you can. (Just make sure your child doesn’t put the pumpkin seeds in there mouth).

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