Monday’s – All About Me Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan for Monday:

Create a daily routine to do with your child(ren) everyday.
My daily routine consists of talking with my daughter about letters, numbers, and the weather. We go over letters by singing the alphabet song. We practice our numbers by counting to 10. The third routine is something that interests your child. My daughter loves checking the weather. We will step outside or open our door to see how the weather is. Throughout the week, I will change the third routine and do something different.

This week’s lesson plan is an ALL ABOUT ME theme. I will work with my daughter and have her do different projects based on this theme.

ALL ABOUT ME Art Project– Create a template of a face, include eyes, nose, ears and mouth. If your kid is old enough let them cut each piece with safety scissors. Have your child position each part on the face. Lend them a hand if your child attaches the parts incorrectly. However, let them do it themselves, first. My daughter put the eyes too high. So I had to help her, even though she knows almost all the body parts. If your child needs help, help them. Let them try different eyes, noses, and mouths. Once they have the parts they like glue or tape the pieces to the face. The good thing about putting tape on the back of each piece is that it lets them do the lesson over and over. Once every part is position on the face have your kid draw hair. You can even cut out pieces of construction paper, or have them use crayons or markers to put hair on the face. For your convenience I am selling a template with all the face pieces, on my shop page for $0.99.

Language: Today we learned about the Letter A. A is for Apple: We used apples like a stamp to paint. First, print a large sized letter A. Then, cut an apple in half. Dip the apple in Non-Toxic Washable Kids Paint and let your child paint the letter A. Just make sure they don’t eat the paint. If your child is older let them trace the letter before they paint with the apples. A printout of the letter A is also included in the face template.

Math: Have your child count; how many eyes, ears, fingers, toes, etc they have. This will show them how many of each body parts they have. My daughter has learned about each body part but is now learning to count how many of each part she has.


Leave a comment let me know how you did.