Happy New Years

New years 2018

Start off your day with your daily routine. Daily routines should consist of the same things everyday. See what I mentioned inĀ my first lesson plan. Talk to your child about new years, talk to them about what a year means.

Language Arts 2018 head bands: You will need large strips of colored construction paper, write 2018 in big numbers, markers. First you should cut large strips out of the construction paper, then size them on your child’s head. (Parents should use a stapler and staple the construction paper strips together), before stapling it into a circle allow your child to color it with washable markers. Write 2018 white paper and attach it to the band. Have your child trace the numbers repeating the numbers as they trace it. (If your child is older help them write the numbers without tracing it.) Let them wear the head band on New Years Eve.

Visual Arts fireworks painting.You will need a toilet paper roll, different colored paints, (and sparkles if you want). First the parents should cut the bottom of the toilet paper roll into strips(see picture), then give your child paints and allow them to dip the bottom of the toilet paper roll into the paint and dab it onto the paper. If you want to use sparkles have your child sprinkle some sparkles on the wet paint before it dries. (This is a very messy project, make sure you have wipes next to you).

Math Count down to 2018: You will need black construction paper, white or gray crayons, small paper with 2018 written on it. First write the numbers from 10-0 down the page, use a white piece of paper and write 2018 on it. Then practice counting down from 10 when you get to 0 have them shout happy new year.

Letters N for new year: You will need black construction paper, the upper case letter N cut out from white construction paper, glue, and sparkles. First the adult should cut out the uppercase letter N from the white construction paper, then glue the uppercase N onto the black construction paper (Under were you have the Letter N write in white crayon Happy New Year 2018). Have your child trace the upper case letter N and sound out the N noise. Then help them put glue and sparkles onto the letter N.