Wednesday’s – All About Me Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan for Wednesday:

Starting off your Day: Start off your day with your daily routine. Daily routines should consist of the same things everyday. See what I mentioned in my first lesson plan. For my third routine I would like you to talk about feelings. Does your child know what feelings are? Explain what being happy is, versus what being sad is. Use their new mirrors to look at themselves and make different faces. Make a sad face and a happy face. Show them what it looks like.

ALL ABOUT ME Theme ART Project: Today’s art project I made MANY FACES with Ella. Use construction paper and cut out a large rectangle. Then cut out 4 medium sized circles (different colored circles). Have your child draw different faces on them (Happy, Mad, and Sad). If your child is to young like Ella, draw the faces with dots and try and get your child to trace them. If your child is older get them to make more then 3 faces. For example: Excited, Nervous, Anxious, etc. See picture below.

Dramatic Play – Dress Up: Give your child different clothes (if using this lesson for a classroom, have the children wear clothes one or two sizes bigger than them. This makes it so the clothes will fit different sized children, also so they can put the bigger sized clothes on top of what they are already wearing). Let them try on different clothes; Ella could not dress herself and needed help. If your child needs help that’s ok, try to get them to do most of it if possible. Help them put there head through the dress or shirt but try and get them to put arms through.

Literacy: Talk to children about themselves. ALL ABOUT ME. Talk about what their favorite color, food, book, what do they like to play with; write it down. You can do this by helping them write it down OR have them look through magazines and glue pictures down on a piece of construction paper. Put it somewhere they can see it and talk to them about it.

Reading: “Like myself by Karen Beaumont”. Older children: Talk to them about the reasons why they like themselves.


Leave a comment , let me know how your child liked the activities.