Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Bag: You will need, A small paper bag, heart stickers, tissue paper, crayons, etc. First get a bag, then have your child decorate it by coloring it and decorating it with tissue paper, or stickers.

Valentine Paper Plate Hat: You will need, a paper plate, scissors, valentine Stickers, washable paint. First you should cut a heart into the plate without cutting the heart out of the plate (see picture)(Parents should cut out the heart). Then allow your child to paint the plate. When its dry have them put valentine stickers.

Counting Hearts: You will need, red OR pink construction paper, markers, and scissors.   Can your child count and recognize the numbers on the hearts? Cut out different shaped hearts, put different numbers on them. First see if your child can count the numbers, then try and have them count backwards, then see if they can recognize the different numbers by just pointing to random numbers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!