Over the next few weeks we will be talking about Thanksgiving. Why do you celebrate thanksgiving? What do you eat on thanksgiving?

Visual Arts: Pine cone Painting. You will need pine cones, yellow, orange, red, and green washable paint, white construction paper. Go on a walk and have your child collect pine cones. Then give your child green, yellow, or orange washable paint. Let them dip the paint into the pine cone and dab the pine cone onto the paper. Let them paint until their done. ( Make sure your child doesn’t put the pine cone or paint in their mouth.

Math: Corn on the Cob Counting. You will need, yellow and green markers, yellow dot markers. Draw a large yellow oval, and two green ovals, making a corn on the cob. Have your child use the dot markers to make dots on the corn on the cob. Then have them count the corn dots when the corn dots dry.

Literacy: Read   T is for Turkey, By Tanya Lee Stone. This is a fun alphabet book about an elementary class play about Thanksgiving.