Start off your day with your daily routine. Daily routines should consist of the same things everyday. See what I mentioned in my first lesson plan. Talk to your children about thanksgiving turkeys.

Visual Arts: Doily Turkey. You will need: Circle doily 8 inch is a good size (If you don’t have doily paper at home, circle a 8 inch circle out of white paper), Dot Markers, brown, and orange construction paper, googly eyes, scissors, and glue. First have your child use the dot markers to decorate their doily paper, give them different colors to use. (If you don’t have dot markers have your child use regular markers.) Cut out a bowling pin shaped out of brown construction paper, glue it onto the doily. Glue the googly eyes onto your turkey. Cut out orange feet and an orange nose and glue it onto your child’s turkey.

Literacy: Letter Turkey. You will need different colored construction paper, brown construction paper, markers, googly eyes. First cut the brown paper into a shape of a bowling pin, and cut different colored papers into an oval. Then write each of the letters in your child’s name on a different ovals. If your child is older have them trace the letters, and have them repeat each letter in their name. If your child is younger have them color the ovals but make sure you can see the letters. Glue on googly eyes onto the bowling pin have your child finish coloring and then help them glue the letters in the correct order.