Start off your day with your daily routine. Daily routines should consist of the same things everyday. See what I mentioned in my first lesson plan. Talk to your child about trees, and leaves. Talk to them about how the trees change in each season.

Visual Arts: Q-tip Tree Art. You will need a trunk cut out from brown paper, a hand full of Q-tips, red, green, yellow, and orange washable paint. First glue the trunk onto the white construction paper, and then tie the Q-tips together with a rubber band. Give your child the red, green, yellow, and orange washable paint on a paper plate and let them dab the paint into the tree. Have your child dab the paint above the trunk of the tree. If your child is younger demonstrate how to the dab the Q-tips.

Science: Apple Boats. You will need 2 apples cut in half, a container, and a sail. Parents should cut the apple in half before starting the activity with your child. Have your child help you put the water in the container and attach a sail to the half of apple. Then help your child sail the apple boat in the water.

Literacy: Read the book “Leaves by David Ezra Stein”. Its about a bear that has never seen leaves before, and he doesn’t know what to do? Should he put the leaves back on the tree, or take a nap in them before he hibernates?