Start off your day with your daily routine. Daily routines should consist of the same things everyday. See what I mentioned in my first lesson plan. Sing Happy Birthday to Johnny Apple seed. Have your child sing happy birthday to Johnny Apple seed.

Visual Arts: Apple Tree Painting. You will need, white construction paper, half an apple, red or green paint, wipes, and brown paint. Paint your child’s arm and hand with brown washable paint (this will be the tree and their fingers will be the branches). Let it dry for a few minutes. Then when the tree is dried, dip the apple half in red or green washable paint. Try to have your child put the apples above or on their fingers on the tree they made with their hands.

Literacy: Read the book called “Ten apples on top by Dr. Seuss”. This book is about a lion, tiger and dog that are friends. They challenge each other to stack apples on their heads until they make a big mess with the apples.

Science: Apple Pie in a cup. You need gram crackers, diced apples, and whipped cream. Put a few gram crackers in a large zip lock bag. Have your child smash the gram crackers, if your child is younger you should model how to smash the gram crackers. Once the pieces are broken, put a little crust into the bottom of the cup. After that you put a spoon full of diced apples and whipped cream. Eat and enjoy. Talk to your child about each of the steps of making the apple pie cup.