Trees and Leaves

Trees and leaves

Start off your day with your daily routine. Daily routines should consist of the same things everyday. See what I mentioned in my first lesson plan. Talk to your child about trees, and leaves. What colors do leaves change into? And what happens to leaves in the winter, etc?

Visual Arts: Put the leaves on top of the tree. You will need clear contact paper, fabric leaves, clear tape, brown paper bag cut up like a tree trunk, and scissors. First get the brown paper bag and cut it like a tree trunk, tape it to the wall. Then cut a large circle out of the clear contact paper and tape it sticky side up on top of the trunk of the tree. After this get the fabric leaves and put them on the floor, then have your child put them on the contact paper and take them off the contact paper. If you have leaves left let your child throw them around the room.

Math: Fall sensory Bin. You will need, fabric leaves, acorns, sensory bin, and an extra medium sized container. First show your child the leaves and the acorns, count the acorns with your child so they know how many acorns there are. Then put the acorns in the bottom of the sensory bin and put the leaves on top, mix it up in the bin. Then have your child try and find the acorns. Then have them count the acorns to make sure they found the right number of acorns. Then have them look at the leaves, have them identify the different colors of the leaves.

Literacy: Read “Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert”. The book talks about the life of a tree.

Something to do: If you and your child are bored at home. Go apple picking. Apple picking season is in September and the beginning of October. So go before its to late.